First patent on propellantless propulsion - drive of practical significance.



This patent is about generating propulsion force using electric current (energy) and electromagnetic field ( Field Propulsion ).

This patent is NOT about generating propulsion force using fuel (energy) to move propellant - reaction mass because electromagnetic force is not created by mass acceleration.



Patent Application number:  63395447


TITLE:   Relativistic Electromagnetic Propulsion   ( Propellantless Propulsion - Propellantless Drive )

INVENTOR:    Zoran Ozimec



The present invention, named Relativistic Electromagnetic Propulsion (REM Propulsion), is about generating force needed for propulsion purely in electromagnetic domain, without use of classic propellant - reaction mass. Only electromagnetic field and electric current are used to generate propulsion force (Laplace force). 

Because emission of matter is not needed it is ideal propulsion for use in free-outer space for space travel. Electric current is the only power source needed........

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